Free Online Avatar Maker

People have different ways of presenting themselves online, some choose to use their pictures, some use animal photos – especially cat and dog photos, and others choose to use an avatar. Avatars are a cool and fun way to represent yourself on the web, either in forums, web chats or other identical places. These web generated images, sometimes appear as a cartoon figure, which is a representation of the real image. Though these images are fun to create and use, they can be quite a hassle because different websites may require different formats and sizes for their avatar images.

Avatars may not be popular as they used to be, but with the advent of social media, internet privacy has been sidelined, leading more users to reveal their real faces. Uploading and setting profile pictures has become easier. However, a lot of IM websites, web chats, message boards, forums, and programs still use avatars. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to have an easy to use, intuitive and good avatar creator on hand.

That is where comes in. An avatar maker makes it easier for you to create an avatar of your choice. It allows you to select pictures and save custom images in any popular avatar size and format. You also get the option to choose a specific custom size that you prefer, for a simple, intuitive, and complete avatar making experience.

Avatar creator users are free to create and save their own avatars in available sizes, from 48×48 pixels up to 200×200 pixels. Alternatively, you can make an avatar in your own custom size, from 30×30 pixels up to 200×200 pixels.

Create an avatar, custom icon or image to use for your online chatting platforms by uploading your own pictures from your computer, present yourself online absolutely FREE! The avatar maker is totally free, so you don’t need to spend an extra buck to make an avatar from your photo or picture, or even to update your profile picture with a new personal photo.

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The avatar making process involves three quick, simple and easy steps to create an avatar using the avatar maker tool. First, you need to select and upload an image or picture from your computer – it must be in .gif, .png, or .jpg format in order to use it, so remember to check the format of the image before you try to upload it. Next, select your required or favorite avatar size – most programs and websites will give you an idea of the ideal profile image or avatar size they recommend, or the highest photo resolution that you are allowed to upload. The last step is cropping – just select the image area you will crop. Once you are content with the image you have created, you only need to save your newly created avatar to your computer and begin using it to represent yourself in your online platforms.

More instructions on saving avatars; for users of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, to save your image to the computer, just right click your mouse on the image and select the option, ’Save image as’.

If you are using a different web browser, in this case, Microsoft Internet Explorer, use the same method described above but look for the option, Save picture as made available to you when you click your mouse.

As for the users of Opera, you can save avatars on your computer or other devices through this same process, but choose the Save image option from the menu.

The avatar created is cropped and saved to your computer in the exact image format as the photo you uploaded to the avatar creator.

Before you create an avatar, it is important to note that avatar maker does not keep your avatar after 24 hours. Avatars are usually deleted from the system every day, and if in any case you need your avatar copies in different sizes, it is advisable to repeat the process all over again at the same time because you won’t find your original avatar when you visit the avatar creator site a few days later. Therefore, make sure you save your new avatar once you are content with it. It is also a good idea to save the avatar in different places, to avoid accidentally deleting it from your computer.